Production Meeting
On Saturday, July 11th a major portion of Team Kilo's production staff came together for an important Production Meeting at The Homestead in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District.

Needless to say, they were very productive.

Wardrobe elements were locked down. The post-production schedule was set for both picture and sound, including the scheduling of colorist Gary Coates. We squared away our pig blood sample for the makeup department (disclaimer: no pigs were harmed before, during or after the meeting). We also had a few pints and a whiskey or two before wrapping up at The Homestead.

From there, Director Phil Lorin, Director of Photography Aaron Owen, Producer Colin Ducey, Location Manager Genevieve McCarty and Editor Matt O'Donnell piled into an unmarked Dodge van all covert-like and went on a location-scouting adventure! Crisscrossing the entire Mission District, the team scoped, scouted and scrutinized, eventually locking down a number of killer locations for the film.

The day ended with a fantastic visit with Leigh Blicker and Jim Rollin in the backyard at VIDEOFAX in San Francisco. Unconfirmed reports put the number of beverages enjoyed in the low dozens.

Check out some stills from the meeting at The Homestead and the subsequent location-scouting adventure!