Production Diary Day 2.0
Production got back into the groove first thing this morning. We started off shooting some dialogue inside the undercover Crown Victoria. It's a lovely car and it's our DP Aaron Owen's new ride for the week.

The morning started off with quite a bit of fog cover so we shot the interiors of the car to give the fog some time to burn off before shooting today's exteriors. The key to lighting the interiors of the car is to allow for proper exposure on the talent while maintaining information in the background. You don't want to let that clip out or you'll loose all your information in the image.

Today is our first day working with extras! We had a couple of really great characters show up this morning. But since we ended up shooting the car stuff first the wide shots that need the extras were pushed back to the afternoon. The guys got bored and just disappeared on us. Unfortunately not everyone is used to the hurry up and wait of filmmaking!

Here are some quick snap shots from the morning.