Production Diary Day 2.1
Can anyone explain to me why so many San Franciscan's immediate reaction to seeing a film crew working is to honk their horn? Is it because they are so excited to see us working? Or are they purposefully trying to ruin a take? Let's hope it's not the latter.

Despite all the honking we got a lot accomplished on Day 2 of principal photography. Wrapped the car stuff that was shooting in the morning and moved onto the plaza scene. A few crew members made some cameos as extras and we even had a guy on stilts. The plaza scene leads into the foot chase so we pulled off the first couple shots from that sequence. To wrap it all up we threw Joaquin into the Crown Vic and had him drive around for some shots from inside the car. He surprised everyone with his apparent aspirations to be a stunt driver. Luckily no crew members were harmed during the filming of that scene.

We were lucky to be visited by photographer Scott Jones today. Please check out some of his great photos below and visit his website here.